We are PC gamers who just love having fun.

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We are PC gamers who just love having fun.

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Tell us a bit about yourself


Tell us a bit about yourself

Post by Petej11 on Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:31 pm

Hi all,

My name's Pete I live in Birmingham UK, I like to play Battlefield 3 and 4 I've been into all types of PC games over the years, I started playing online with Battlefield bad comapny 2 then Battlefield 3 which I still have still have installed. Nowadays I play Battlefield 4 on a regular basis, well daily when I can.

Here's my Battlefield 4 gamer details please add me http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/Petej11/stats/185712947/pc/

That's It.
Barney Google

Re: Tell us a bit about yourself

Post by Barney Google on Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:32 am

Hello all Smile

My name is... Well just call me Barney Smile My real name is Antti, and english equivalent of my name is Andy... But Barney goes as well, and its better...

Im from Finland. I started online gaming in year hmm 2000? When Novalogic launched Df3 (DFLW) or Delta Force Land Warrior. I played Df2 online too back then... I did play in few Delta clans too.

I played WW2 online too, in a clan. EVE-online in one corporation. Entropia Universe too. Years did go by and I decided to try FPS games online again, so I found BF4 and hooked up with Pete Smile

I play BF4 in these days when I can. I also like to listen classical music while Im alone, or ingame Very Happy I think Im not the oldest guy in here, hitting 36 soon... Anyways I feel old while in servers Wink I play for fun and to relax.

Hook me up

Ps. Mom jokes are epic  lol!

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